The RealTime Team

In addition, we would like to thank the UTMIST organisation for providing invaluable advice throughout the project timeline and for providing a platform and resources to make this vision possible.

Arsh is a fourth year Engineering Science student studying in the Machine Intelligence option at the University of Toronto. He recently completed a software engineering internship at Amazon and completed his PEY as a software development intern at Aercoustics. In Realtime, Arsh oversaw the development of the project and helped with the execution of the database workflow portion. In his part-time, Arsh likes to watch basketball and explore new places.
Sepehr is a fourth year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto (St George Campus) in the Machine Intelligence major. Sepehr has a strong passion for working on innovative projects and is happy to learn new things, particularly using machine learning and software engineering/development for helpful applications such as medicine and technology.
Matthew is an incoming fourth year Engineering Physics student at the University of Toronto, who is interested in physics/astronomy research and the applications of artificial intelligence. He is currently taking a gap year to intern at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. For the RealTime project, he worked on data processing, the MongoDB database, and several regression models. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys doing photography and stop motion animation.
Arahan is a 1st year York University Computer Science Student. He provided assistance with the machine learning model by finding amenities around a residence, and also assisted with the development of the website. Outside of work, you will find Arahan playing several sports and learning web development skills.
Leo is an incoming 3rd year Computer Engineering student at the University of Toronto (St George Campus) with AI minor. Leo is currently the web director at IEEE UofT branch, and he has a strong passion for using computer tech to solve the real world problem. In his spare time, Leo enjoys hip-hop dancing and participate hackathons.